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How many years do you have left in your career?
Would you rather spend them feeling uninspired,
or feeling Wild About Work?

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Imagine spending the rest of your career feeling energized & inspired by your work.

Imagine feeling so in love with your job that you forget to look at the clock.

Your work has the potential to be an amazing part of your life. Passion in your career can energize you, fueling your success, increasing your confidence, and feeding the persistence it takes to turn dreams into reality.

I created this FREE audio course to give you the fundamental concepts you need to start taking steps today towards a career that lights you up.

Dreams to reality: A nuts & bolts approach

This introductory audio course is based on The Occupational Adventure Guide TM, the system I developed to help people get Wild About Work.

If you find yourself feeling motivated and inspired by it, that's fabulous. But my goal is more down to earth and long-lasting than that. What you'll find here is really a step-by-step, common sense, no-nonsense approach to help you find clarity, take action, get traction, and make it happen.

In this audio course, you’ll discover:

  • A new definition of passion.
  • A simple, effective system you can use to create a career you love.
  • How to create your Passion CoreTM, the internal compass that points the way towards work that energizes you.
  • Tips for building more passion into your current situation, even if you can't make a full-scale change.
  • Insights on how to get beyond the blinders and explore the full scope of career possibilities.
  • How to ensure that the career decisions you make – big and small – will lead you down the path to passion.
  • Strategies for mapping out how to turn your dream into reality.
  • Ideas for how to maintain your momentum for the long-term.
  • How to love your career for the rest of your life!

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