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What if there were a resource that could give you more energy to put into achieving success in your career, increase your confidence, and even feed the persistence it takes to make great things happen? Would you be interested?

What if that same resource could decrease the stress in your life, and even had the potential to enhance your relationships with the people around you?

And what if - on top of all of that - it simply made life more fun?

That resource is PASSION, and it's out there for everybody (including YOU). And best of all, it's within reach!

Sounds great, right? And yet, 80% of all people in the workforce are ignoring this incredible resource. Worse yet, most of them will do absolutely nothing about it.

Don't be one of them!

The Occupational Adventure Guide: A Travel Guide to the Career of Your Dreams gives you the tools you need to create a career that makes you feel vibrant and alive!

"This e-book is so darn good at helping one through through their "stuff" (I call it "chaos") that I worry you risk losing revenue on the one-on-one coaching side of your business. You're just that thorough."

Whitney Potsus
Shelton, CT

Bust out of the rut!

Why do so many people choose to stay stuck in a career that sucks the life out of them? Simple. They don't realize how close at hand a path that lights them up is, and they don't know how to change.

The Occupational Adventure Guide reveals the secret to busting out of that rut and creating a career that lights you up. With a step-by-step, common sense, no-nonsense approach it will help you find clarity, take action, get traction, and make it happen.

Imagine a career where you...
  • Feel energized and engaged by your work.
  • Look forward to work in the morning.
  • Feel great about how you spent your day.
  • Have the energy at the end of your workday to experience the rest of your life fully.
  • Get excited when you tell people about what you do for a living.
  • Believe deeply in the work you do.
You can have it, and it's easier than you think!

Simple, practical nuts and bolts approach

If you're anything like me, you're not interested in wasting your time with a warm fuzzy feel-good message that doesn't give you the tools you need to make a change.

This e-book gives you a nuts and bolts approach to making positive change in your life.

The Occupational Adventure Guide shows you how to:

  • Find your passion.
  • Identify what lights you up at a core level.
  • Bring more passion into your current work.
  • Identify multiple career paths that will maximize your passion.
  • Keep yourself from saying no to possibilities too soon.
  • Start moving towards a change even if you can't make it right now.
  • Identify your fears and find ways to move past them.
  • Create a system to maximize motivation and keep you moving forward.
  • Map out a path to turn your dreams into reality.
  • Identify both internal and external obstacles and find ways to overcome them.
  • Evaluate career possibilities without defaulting to "No."
  • Identify and leverage both internal and external resources to propel you forward.
  • Keep yourself accountable and moving forward.
  • Take consistent, persistent action.
Want a taste for what you'll find inside? Here are a couple sample pages.

"I read the Occupational Adventure Guide and got a lot of inspiration from it. I am now going to go back and apply some of the specific practical ideas on identifying and building my own occupational adventure.

Thanks for a great guide - you obviously put a lot of your own passion into writing it and the result is really worthwhile."

Susan M.
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Passion: What's in it for you?

Passion fuels success

"Before, it was exhausting, and frustrating, and never satisfying. Now I feel energized, and satisfied. Now people are saying, ďWow, this is really what youíre meant to do, isnít it.Ē

Stacy S. Seattle, WA

Success in your career doesn't come with a snap of the fingers. It takes time. It takes effort. It takes commitment. It takes the energy and inspiration to make it all happen.

So why wouldn't you do everything possible to bring that energy and inspiration into the equation?

Think of passion as a renewable energy source. Doing work that comes from the heart of who you are and what you're drawn to energizes you. In turn, the energy you get from doing that work can be put right back into doing the hard work of success.

Passion strengthens confidence

"Iím tremendously more relaxed at work. I come across more calm and more in control, and more empowered. Iím more confident that I actually do know what I know. And that confidence shows."

Karen A.
Seattle, WA

Finding a career that truly lights you up can boost your confidence.

Why? Because when your work is aligned with who you naturally are, your footing is more stable. It's like having both feet planted firmly on the ground with your center of gravity low and balanced. What comes naturally is the center you return to.

Doing work that isn't aligned with who you are, on the other hand, is like being constantly off balance. You have to constantly put energy into staying upright. The precarious position saps confidence and increases anxiety.

Passion feeds persistence

"80% of success is showing up. So if you can keep showing up every day and still have your enthusiasm, then itís going to keep working."

Dave H.
Seattle, WA

When you feel passion in your work, you feel a pull to make it happen. That pull feeds persistence, and that persistence - guided by both your heart and your mind - will take you down the path to success.

Recently I interviewed several successful entrepreneurs to get their take on the importance of passion for entrepreneurial success. Turns out it was kind of like asking how vital oxygen is to staying alive.

Why? Simply put, passion feeds persistence. Entrepreneurs inevitably suffer setbacks, encounter doubt in others, and have to overcome sometimes enormous obstacles to make their dreams reality. Without a commitment and persistence to push through that and make it happen, their dreams are doomed. One of the most important keys to success is simply the ability to stick with it.

Passion reduces stress

"I donít get road rage any more. I still drive the same commute in the same traffic, but I just donít mind.

Karen A.
Seattle, WA

How many people do you know whose eyes are bugging out with stress because day in and day out they're trying to shove themselves into a box that simply doesn't fit?

So many people are wearing a mask in their careers. For them, work is about getting up and heading out for another day of being who they're not. And having to be who you're not is stressful. There is friction and rub inherently built into the system.

On the other hand, a career based on what lights you up at a core level opens the door for your work to flow naturally. It takes the friction and rub out of the system.

Passion enhances relationships

"At one point my partner told me, 'You know, you're a lot more fun to be around now.'"

Cindy B.
Seattle, WA

How can your choice of careers affect your relationships? Because it's all interconnected. What affects one part of our life affects the other parts of our life as well.

The impact on relationships is a prime example. Being on the passion track in your career can have a positive effect on your relationships because half of each of those relationships - that is to say, you - is happy with how you are spending a big chunk of your time.

It's not just relationships with significant others that loving your work affects. It's any relationship you have in your life. Co-workers. Kids. Friends. You name it.

"I just started reading the e-book, and I am impressed. I like that it is concise and user-friendly, and I like the "journey" theme of your model.

James D.
Asheville, NC

Get clarity! Take action! Get traction!

What if you could take the guesswork out of finding passion in your career? What if you could follow a clear, step-by-step process that offers a no-nonsense approach to turning dreams into reality?

You can, with The Occupational Adventure Guide!

Get unstuck today. The Occupational Adventure Guide system gives you the steps to pry yourself loose, get the insights you need, and get the clarity to take action and get traction.

The Occupational Adventure Guide simplifies the process. It takes it out of the nebulous, head-scratching realm and offers a clearly defined process to identify what lights you up, generate and evaluate career path ideas, and map out how to make it happen.

The process is designed to help you you incorporate both your intuitive heart and your logical mind so they can work together, rather than in opposition. Together, the heart and mind make an unbeatable team!

The Occupational Adventure Guide system is built on this definition of passion: "Passion is the energy that comes from bringing more of YOU into what you do." It's being who you are. It's doing what you're naturally drawn to.

This e-book will help you:

  • Create your Passion Core, a concrete tool you can use to help you consciously bring passion into your career - today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life. Think of it as your internal compass that will point the way towards passion.
  • Identify the full scope of career possibilities to choose from (and resist the urge to short change yourself!).
  • Narrow the options down based on both what lights you up at a core level and what is feasible and realistic.
  • Map out the goals and steps to make it happen.
  • Map out the topographical landscape you'll be traveling through on the way, identifying both internal and external obstacles so you can consciously find ways around (or over, or through) them.
  • Stay motivated for the long-term as you hit the road to turn your dream into reality.

Why would you listen to me?!

OK, let's be honest. You don't know me. Why should you listen to me? What gives me the right to stand here wildly waving my arms and talking about how close you are to passion?

Partially because I eat, sleep and breathe this stuff. I am what I call a Passion Catalyst SM. For years 100% of my career has been dedicated to helping people just like you find careers that make them feel alive.

And I have seen - over and over again - the amazing difference it makes when people stop being the victim in the career, step up and put their hands on the wheel, and create a career that makes them fly.

I write regularly for Worthwhile magazine, a national magazine launched by two Wall Street Journal veterans with a focus on "Work with purpose, passion and profit." I have appeared in major market newspapers across North America, and have been on numerous radio shows throughout the US.

Not only is my career focused on helping others find passion, I've experienced the transition myself. I know what I'm talking about from first-hand experience. Before discovering my Passion Catalyst work, I was a professional malcontent. I was on the wrong path, but I had no idea what the right path was. I felt frustrated and stuck, and the longer I stayed that way, the more my energy sagged.

Compare that with today, where I'm so on fire about the work I do that I can scarcely believe it - the energy difference is insanely huge!

And it's not just me. I don't have some special quality that gives me a special pass to the land o' passion. A career that energizes and engages is out there for each and every person who reads this. I have no doubt of that.


I believe in this process. I have seen it make an enormous difference in people's lives again and again. I know it works.

I believe in it so much - and I am so committed to getting these tools into people's hands so they can start changing their lives - that I will give you a 90 day money back guarantee.

I can't do the work for you - you need to do that. But if you aren't completely satisfied with The Occupational Adventure Guide, I will gladly refund your money, no questions asked.

There's no risk to you whatsoever to buying this - so what are you waiting for?!


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- Richard Tait Co-founder & Grand Poo Bah, Cranium

- J.A. Jance Best-selling mystery novelist

- Erik Weihenmayer Blind climber (who has summited Everest) & motivational speaker

- Richard Bangs Founding partner of Mountain Travel Sobek and Editor/Producer for MSNBC's Great Escapes series