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Passion Profile Session
For those who want to get a fast start to their Passion Catalyst work, or who aren't ready to jump into the full process, I offer this three-hour, stand-alone exercise.

This session helps you identify the underlying characteristics of the things that you have delighted in doing over the course of your life. It looks at what you have really enjoyed, but more importantly, it looks at why.

We start off by compiling a list of things that have lit you up over the course of time - work or play. We then start digging into the underlying reasons why you love them. When you know the underlying characteristics of why things energize and engage you, you can use that information to identify and evaluate opportunities to bring more passion into your career.

You will come away with a deeper perspective on what makes you tick that you can apply as you explore how to create a more fulfilling career.

More concretely, you will come away with a document outlining the results of your Passion Profile exploration that you can refer back to as you proceed.

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