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Career Passion Coaching Process
You are the single best expert in what is best for your life. Whether you realize it or not, you have all the answers you're looking for. And I'm here to help you find them.

My aim in my Passion Catalyst coaching is to help you bring your self-expertise to the surface so you can act on it (today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life).

That action is a vital piece of the equation. Discovery without action will make you better informed, yet no closer to your dreams. As we work together, I help you identify what action is needed, and stay accountable for following through.

"Sounds great," you might be thinking, "but what about the details? What can I expect if I decide to work with you?" Click on these links to find out:

The Process

Using the Occupational Adventure Guide system as a framework, I work with you to help identify your course, map it, and make it happen.

The Occupational Adventure Guide provides the structure to give focus to our work together and ensure that we keep moving towards your ultimate objective. Within that structure, the process is tailor-made to suit your needs.

One of the ways I describe my work is "surfing other people's thoughts for a living." Rather than approaching each session with a rigid, one-size-fits-all plan, each session unfolds organically based on where the discussion goes. My role is, on the one hand, facilitate exploration and action with questions, observations, and ideas, and on the other hand, keep our sessions focused and moving towards your goal.

The last question I ask in each session is, "What would you like to hold yourself accountable to in the next week?" These items typically come up over the course of each session, and might include things like questions to explore, research to do, or people to contact.

That "homework" will give us the starting point for the following week's discussion, providing continuity and forward momentum to the process.

Throughout our work together, my role is that of guide, sounding board, and instigator. I am your partner in the journey.

The Results

What about the bottom line? What can you expect to get out of our work together?

While each person is different and there is no way to say precisely how your process will unfold, here is a general picture of the results clients typically get during the basic engagement.

  • An understanding of what lights you up at a core level
  • An understanding of what kind of "personally meaningful difference" most inspires you.
  • Your unique Passion Core TM, the internal compass that will help identify the right direction, evaluate opportunities, and stay on track for the long term
  • Insights on how to energize your life right here, right now.
  • A deep and broad picture of the potential career paths that would energize and engage you.
  • A "short-list" (3 - 5) of potential passion-aligned career paths.
  • Possibly a final decision on the new career you want to pursue.
Other things that may come out of the our work together include:
  • Identification of career transition goals and steps to achieve them.
  • A two-track plan for moving towards the new career.
  • An inventory of the skills, knowledge, and resources you can use as you create your new career.
  • An awareness of obstacles standing in your way (both internal and external) and ideas for how to get around them.
  • A plan for how to stay energized and committed for the long-term.
The Tools

Throughout the process, you will take advantage of numerous tools to help you gain clarity.

Passion Core

At the heart of the entire process, this tool looks beyond what you love to the underlying reasons why. It is the outcome of the exploration I guide you through. You can use it to generate ideas and evaluate options and choices based on how well they fit what lights you up.

Passion Catalyst progress tracker

This spreadsheet-based progress tracker will help you create an at-a-glance picture of what is coming out of the process. Perfect for both tracking your progress and using as a reference tool in the future.

Passion career brainstorming starter

Using your Passion Core as a point of departure, this set of questions helps you generate massive amounts of ideas for potential careers.


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Client Perspectives

The process helped me get past my fear of moving out of a career that I know. It helped me believe it's achievable - and there isn't just one way to go at it.

- Stacy in Seattle, WA


"Curt's skill in asking the directed questions - and really uncovering the true core and the essential pieces - is a true art."

- Derek in Salt Lake City, UT

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