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Who Do I Work With?
We're a good fit if you...
  • Are a mid-career professional (50% of my clients come from the tech industry, 50% from other organizations in the business world).
  • Want to make a change to a career that energizes you.
  • Want to make a difference in the world that inspires you.

When you're mid-stream in a professional career (e.g., marketing, software engineering, architecture, law, etc.), making a change presents challenges you just didn't have earlier in your career. Too many people stay stuck in careers that aren't right for them because they feel stuck in their current track.

Can you make a mid-career change? Absolutely! But often it's more complex than simply deciding to change and flipping the switch. I work with people to both help them find the clarity and focus they need to identify a new direction, and then craft a plan for how to get there given the constraints of their existing reality.

The professionals I work with tend to have at least ten years of work experience, and often twenty years or more.


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Client Perspectives

The process helped me get past my fear of moving out of a career that I know. It helped me believe it's achievable - and there isn't just one way to go at it.

- Stacy in Seattle, WA


"Curt's skill in asking the directed questions - and really uncovering the true core and the essential pieces - is a true art."

- Derek in Salt Lake City, UT

Media Buzz

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