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About Curt Rosengren
Take an insatiable curiosity about people, add a brain that's a nonstop idea machine, and stir it all up with equal parts intuitive and analytical. Add a dash of light-hearted fun. What do you get?

In Curt Rosengren's case, you get a career as a Passion Catalyst. Rosengren has built that career around three simple questions. What lights you up? What difference can you make that inspires you? And finally, how do you create a livelihood based on that?

In his work as a coach, writer, and speaker, Rosengren’s insights have helped thousands tap into the power of passion.

His newest book, 101 Ways to Get Wild About Work, blends insights and action steps in 101 bite-sized ideas to help people turn dreams into reality. His e-book, The Occupational Adventure Guide: A Travel Guide to the Career of Your Dreams, takes the reader through the step-by-step system he developed to help people navigate the process, providing a simple, effective framework for finding passion.

Rosengren was a regular contributor to Motto magazine, where he wrote about the intersection of dreams and reality. He is quoted regularly in newspapers throughout the US, and is a frequent guest on radio shows across the country. His blog, The Occupational Adventure, was chosen by as one of the Best of the Web. He currently blogs at The M.A.P. Maker (Crafting a Life of Meaning, Abundance, & Passion).

When he looks back at his career prior to discovering his Passion Catalyst work in 2001, Rosengren describes himself as a “Professional Malcontent.” He was treading water as a self-employed marketing consultant when the dot com implosion happened. The resulting self-unemployment was the spark that led to his wholesale career change.

Rosengren is consistently inspired by people who are working to make the world a better place and having an amazing time along the way.

Based in Seattle, Rosengren has traveled to thirty-plus countries and lived in five (US, UK, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland). He speaks reasonably fluent Swedish, functionally ugly Spanish, and can read French well enough to get himself into trouble at a French restaurant.

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Client Quotes

"Curt's skill in asking the directed questions, and really uncovering the true core and the essential pieces, is a true art."

- Derek in Salt Lake City, UT

"For me, the fear of making a change was wrapped up in making a bad choice. 'I think I want to do this, but what if I'm wrong?' Now, with every choice I make, I know this is something I have an interest in, and have passion for. It all adds up."

- Jennifer in Redmond, WA

“I don’t drag myself to work now. I have to drag myself away from work. I get upset when I have to take time off. This is more fun than time off!"

- Dave in Seattle, WA

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