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Career Passion Coaching
Discover how to live at the intersection of dreams and reality. If you’re committed to creating a juicier, more vibrant career, my coaching can help you find clarity so you can take action and get traction.

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The Approach

If you're a fan of making things tangible, simple, and clear, you'll like my approach to finding passion. At the heart of it all is simple energy management. I call it maximizing the Gain-to-Drain Ratio. It’s about bringing more of the things that give you energy into your life, and jettisoning as much of what drains you as possible.

I guide you through that process in your career using The Occupational Adventure Guide, the step-by-step system I developed to help people find passion and meaning in their careers.


Along the way you will:

  • Discover the source of your passion.
  • Identify ways to incorporate that passion into your life.
  • Identify steps to take…and take them.
  • Discover obstacles in your path - both internal and external - and figure out ways to overcome them.
  • Maintain the belief that you can!
  • Articulate your dreams and stay the course.
Questions & Answers

Here are a few questions you might have:


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Client Perspectives

The process helped me get past my fear of moving out of a career that I know. It helped me believe it's achievable - and there isn't just one way to go at it.

- Stacy in Seattle, WA


"Curt's skill in asking the directed questions - and really uncovering the true core and the essential pieces - is a true art."

- Derek in Salt Lake City, UT

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